Mini Challenges - Floating

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GMT - 11 Hours Mini Challenges - Floating

Post  NatanLimaBRL on 4/30/2017, 1:08 pm

They are flying platforms where there are challenges to move to the other platform. Have Fun Wink

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Download Link:
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GMT - 11 Hours Reply to: NatanLimaBRL

Post  GamerPer10 on 4/30/2017, 1:35 pm

The level is OK.
The only thing that you'll see matching the title is the part in the image, while everything else is just... Short Challenges... The title does say it, those words alone would've stopped me from bringing this up.

My own Challenge:
My challenge was to finish the level with the Mushroom. Guess what? I did it.

I guess it's just my laptop's processor, but it does slow down just a tiny bit on Maker Mode.
I'll come back to confirm it or deny it once I go back to my computer and play it again.

Edit: I didn't pay close attention to the title. It only says "floating" ...
Sorry, that was a mess up on my part.

Edit 2: It was just my laptop's processor, no slowdowns have occured, not even on Play Mode.

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