Super Mario UniBros. World List

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Super Mario UniBros. World List

Post  Rd Ctrlr on 2/27/2017, 7:22 pm

Hey everyone! I'm back with more news on the progress of Super Mario UniBros. Here are all the names of the Worlds in the game:

World 1:
Grassy Plains
World 2:
Dry Dry Dunes
World 3:
Frigid Freezeland
World 4:
Brilliant Beach
World 5:
Jungle Japes
World 6:
Misty Mountains
World 7:
Cookie Clouds
World 8:
Lava Land
World 9/World Special:
Star City

How do you like these names for the series? I personally feel like they're not perfect. Suggest other names I can give to the Worlds! It really helps to make the series when people give me feedback, so keep doing that!
Rd Ctrlr
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